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Regular servicing is critical in maintaining the safety, reliability, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The ACCC explains that you have the right to bring your car to your preferred mechanic for routine servicing, providing they have the right qualifications.

Serv Auto Care Service offers qualified logbook servicing that won’t void your warranty. We offer quality servicing for all makes and models, and only ever use the best OE and OEM parts and accessories to ensure your car is running at its best.

For more information or to book your car in for a logbook service that won’t void your warranty, contact Serv Auto Care Service today.

ALSO being a capricorn member, it widens our range of suppliers for parts, eg brakes, air conditioning, etc.

Serv Auto Care Service automotive service and repair accreditations include:

Using only quality replacement parts for any genuine repair requirement, Serv Auto Care Service is a true dealership alternative when it comes to new vehicle log book service and mechanical repairs.

Established in 1995, the Serv Auto Care Service loyal car service and repairs customer base has been built through word of mouth and our satisfied clients come from throughout the local airport west area.

The modern Serv Auto Care Service and repairs workshop centre is both owned and operated by head service and repairs mechanic Serv Auto Care Service who along with his highly qualified team of automotive repair technicians promise engine reconditioning service including rebuild, kits, diesel and engine reconditioning overhaul satisfaction.